Rimless optical frame, with patented rear-mounted lens connection, obtained from a single beta titanium sheet, entirely made in Italy at the Blackfin Black Shelter Sustainable Factory. Hypoallergenic, ultralight and durable frame with ultraflexible temples for unrivalled comfort and fitting adaptability. Colors and shiny details completely handmade.

Shiny Silver interior and exterior.

Product features

- Rimless optical frame made of precious beta titanium.
- Entirely made in Italy.
- Patented rear-mounted lens connection.
- Front components obtained from a single 0.7mm beta titanium sheet.
- Ultraflexible 0.5 mm beta titanium temples.
- Shortenable temples thanks to the patented temple tips.
- Imperceptible weight with perfect face wearability.
- Coloring process entirely handmade.
- Hand-polished details made by our experts.
- Laser engraved markings and serial number.
- Biocompatible, hypoallergenic and nickel-free optical frame.
- Matched with the Blackfin Plano flattenable hard case and with the soft microfiber pouch.

weight 4.1 g

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