Blackfin AirGlass Polarized

Light as Air, Clear as Glass

Feather-Light Titanium with
Polarized Ultra-Thin Mineral Glass.
The Fusion of Minimal Weight and Extraordinary Clarity with
Ultra-HDR Colors.

Titanium and Mineral Glass

Two Elements, Unique Excellence

Introducing Blackfin AirGlass: where Italian craftsmanship meets innovation. Our titanium frames, renowned for their enduring elegance, are now complemented by Barberini's pristine mineral glass lenses. It's a harmonious union of two masteries, crafting not just eyewear, but an experience of unparalleled luxury and clarity.
Excellence meets excellence.

Weightless Perfection

Redefining the equilibrium of weight and quality: Blackfin's titanium frames provide the pinnacle of structural elegance, while ultra-thin AirGlass mineral lenses elevate visual brilliance. With an average addition of just 9 grams, we've unlocked infinite quality. It's not merely eyewear; it's a feather-light embrace of unparalleled vision.
Experience more, feel less.

Made in Italy by Barberini

In a world where partnerships define innovations, Blackfin proudly collaborates with Barberini, the undisputed global leader in mineral glass sun lenses. Two Italian titans, converging to redefine optical elegance. Every piece, meticulously crafted and truly Made in Italy. It's a symphony of Italian brilliance, where unparalleled expertise meets unmatched craft.

Sharp Vision, Pure Clarity

Blackfin AirGlass redefines optical brilliance. Utilizing superior mineral glass, our lenses eclipse the limitations of traditional plastic, banishing distortions and aberrations. Dive into an exceptional optical journey with the world's thinnest polarized glass lenses.
Pure clarity, reimagined.

Polarized Perfection:

A New Dimension of Clarity

Step into a vision unparalleled with our state-of-the-art polarized lenses. Every glare, every unwanted reflection, meticulously neutralized to ensure your eyes experience minimal fatigue and maximum comfort. Paired with Blackfin's Ultra-HDR technology, witness contrasts so stark they redefine reality. Whether you're navigating city streets or admiring a sunset, the world becomes clearer, colors more vibrant, and details crisper. It's not just enhanced vision, it's a doorway to seeing a world anew.

Ultra-HDR: Amplified Vision

Through Rare Earth Innovation

Discover Ultra-HDR: a breakthrough in lens innovation. By harnessing the power of rare earth elements such as Neodymium, Praseodymium, and Erbium—essential in cutting-edge technology—we've reimagined vision. The Ultra-HDR treatment meticulously filters and equalizes the wavelengths perceivable by the human eye, resulting in an image of unparalleled contrast. Dive into a visual experience where colors are amplified like never before. Witness the future of clarity.

Purified Light:

Shielding Against Invisible Dangers

AirGlass is your shield against the invisible. Ultraviolet rays, while invisible, pose threats like cataracts, macular degeneration, and photokeratitis. But with our meticulously engineered lenses, these harmful rays are effectively blocked, offering your eyes unparalleled safety. Coupled with our premium polarization that eradicates intrusive reflections, eye fatigue is significantly reduced. Enter a world where light is purified, and your vision is pristine.

Timeless Clarity:

Enduring Elegance of Glass

Experience enduring elegance with our mineral glass sun lenses. Unlike plastic alternatives, these lenses defy scratches and stand the test of time. Their structural integrity remains untouched, preserving their flawless clarity year after year. Even the lens color retains its vividness, unaffected by the passage of time. It's not just eyewear; it's a timeless commitment to quality. While others fade, we remain everlasting.

Cleanest Surface

AirGlass, where every surface tells a story of innovation. Our lenses go beyond mere vision, boasting state-of-the-art oleophobic and hydrophobic treatments. The result? A lens that resists smudges and repels water, ensuring a pristine viewing experience every time. Raindrops slide off, fingerprints fade away, and your world remains clear and untouched. Beyond Vision, experience uninterrupted clarity.

Biocompatibility and Sustainability:

The Vision of Neomadeinitaly

Blackfin AirGlass, a harmonious blend of innovation and biocompatibility. Our titanium frames and glass lenses not only stand as icons of design but also champions of health, ensuring skin-friendly contact and pure vision. Every component, consciously sourced and handcrafted in Italy, echoes our unwavering commitment to environmental and social sustainability. Beyond an optical masterpiece, it's a statement of well-being and responsibility.
This is what we call Neomadeinitaly.