Metal of the Future



Blackfin and titanium,
a unique story just like this metal.

We have been working with titanium for over twenty years and over this time we have learnt all the secrets of shaping it and the skills and techniques for enhancing every one of its properties. This is why a Blackfin model is not just a spectacle frame but a masterpiece of engineering, technology and design.

Titanium and Talent

Japanese dedication and Italian flair add up to the excellence of two worlds in the highest form.

Titanium is the soul of our eyewear and also our own soul. We journey to far off Japan to purchase the world’s purest titanium, the product of the centuries of work the people of that land have devoted to perfecting that raw material, to guarantee its utter purity. On reaching Italy the sheets are placed in the expert hands of the men and women in the Blackfin team whose unequalled talent enables them to transform the titanium into frames that are true works of art.

Lightness and Strength

Absolute lightness and incredible strength, making the impossible possible.

A Blackfin model is unique because all its properties are unique. The titanium of which it is made is as tough as steel but weighs 40% less and it is twice as strong as aluminium. It is indeed an extraordinary material which requires equally exceptional skills for shaping it and creating something amazing and inimitable every time.

Unrivalled Biocompatibility

Comfort and wellbeing never before seen and never before worn.

As well as their superb aesthetics, Blackfin frames are kind to the skin. In contrast to frames made of other metals, titanium eyewear does not cause allergies and irritation. Moreover, pure titanium and beta-titanium are not only nontoxic and biocompatible but they contain no residues of nickel or other heavy metals, all properties that ensure exceptional comfort in wear and total wellbeing.

Iconic Design

A Blackfin model has minimal weight but is the maximum expression of technology and design.

You may not notice it when you’re wearing it, but those few grams of material contain much more than you think, combining state-of-the-art technology and incredible design, every detail the product of an obsessive quest to create true works of art, eyewear moulded with the hands and also the heart.

Amazing Natural Colours

A style choice that makes each frame even more sensational and true to the Blackfin ethos.

Blackfin frames have always offered a remarkable range of colours. As well as constantly updating the colour chart to keep up with the latest trends, the colours are created strictly by hand in Italy and with obsessive precision. The intention of this conscious choice is to further enhance the personality of every frame created with those world-famous artisan skills for which Italy is so envied.

Ultra-Flexibility and

A Blackfin model is simply the best, the best skills to obtain the best flexibility.

The properties of a Blackfin frame are no merely details but represent a true concentration of technical expertise. The temples and bridge of each frame are cut from a sheet of beta-titanium only 5 tenths of a millimetre thick, a material even more highly prized and flexible than pure titanium. These reduced dimensions guarantee perfect adaptability to the human face while embodying an impeccably minimalist style.

Revolutionary Temple Tips

A revolutionary system that adapts the temples to the face, making the frame feel the perfect fit.

Swordfish temple tips are the perfect match for beta-titanium temples. This revolutionary patented system makes it possible in just a few easy moves to adjust the length of the temples by hand to fit any shape and size face. This high-tech solution is also proof of Blackfin’s care for all those who wear one of these frames every day of their life.

Laser Engraving

The world’s most advanced technology creates state-of-the art finishes.

There’s nothing ordinary about a Blackfin frame and the traditional, less than precise printed markings have been replaced with high precision engraving using anodic laser technology in which the beam cuts through the surface varnish creating amazing and really unusual colour effects. Thus each piece of eyewear becomes a style icon that is even more elegant and unique.

Laser engraving


The process that uses atomic deposition to create even more incredible colour effects.

Blackfin Nano-Plating combines design and molecular treatments using the principles of atomic physics to obtain amazing finishes. This is all achieved in an environment reminiscent of space science inside an aseptic, vacuum-sealed bell-jar in which a metal or other precious material is first vaporised and then deposited atom by atom on the frame. This process enables Blackfin One models to be transformed into the deluxe Blackfin Black Edition version made even more top-of-the-range by a stunning gold effect.

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Blackfin Luminar

Blackfin Luminar technology propels lenses into a new era, achieving a new degree of perfection.

Blackfin Luminar are more than merely exceptional lenses, they are the best on the market. Years of research and testing have led the way to a revolutionary product. Never before have sunglass lenses been created combining the visual sharpness of glass with extreme lightness of weight. Blackfin Luminar technology has made all this possible.

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Inimitably Unique

No single Blackfin is the same as another, otherwise it wouldn’t be a Blackfin.

A Blackfin frame is not only unique for the way it is made but it is also original. The inner part of each frame is engraved with a unique code and an individual serial number to guarantee its origin and authenticity. Further personalisation is also possible in that the frame can be engraved with the wearer’s name, an acronym or a special marking to make the frame even more special and to set it apart from the others.

Laser engraving

Blackfin Razor

All the mechanical features of a Blackfin frame: even thinner, even lighter.

A frame in pure Blackfin titanium represents the state of the art in terms of lightness and technicality, imagine all this even thinner, even lighter. Razor is our idea of going further.

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Blackfin Aero

Maximum resistance in
an ultra-light structure

In the development of the BF Aero series the main objective was to incorporate the maximum resistance and technical expertise possible, in an ultra-light structure.

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