SPOTTED! Clio MakeUp in Blackfin

10 March 2023

Clio Zammatteo, widely known as Clio MakeUp, was recently photographed during the Sanremo Music Festival wearing a pair of Blackfin sunglasses, part of the exclusive Highlighter Capsule Collection (model HIGHLIGHTER 02).

Initially a professional videomaker, Clio was one of the first to post online video tutorials in 2008, making her a true pioneer among today’s social media influencers. With nearly 3.5 million Instagram followers, ClioMakeUp is the go-to source for women who, day-in and day-out, breathe life into the largest Italian community of beauty connoisseurs.

Born in Belluno, just like Blackfin, Clio MakeUp is a digital entrepreneur in the world of beauty – from books to TV programs and her own line of cosmetics.

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