Blackfin with
Arrigo Cipriani

This is almost a mathematical equation linking Blackfin, the brand of titanium eyewear 100% made in Italy, to Arrigo Cipriani, the famous owner of Harry’s Bar in Venice and international guru of Italian gastronomic art. The common denominators are an unending quest for quality and the unique artisan prowess of the Made-in-Italy brand. The identical result in both cases is a product that exudes excellence.

“Luxury is the expression of a complex simplicity. An object can only become deluxe if it has been conceived with love and crafted with all the dedication human ingenuity can muster. This condition is met to the full by Blackfin eyewear, built from that superb metal titanium, with infinite attention to detail, they are Italian through and through, they encapsulate our history, they speak of genuine luxury”.

Arrigo Cipriani.