Each Blackfin model can become as unique as each person who wears it. Just as no two people are alike, each piece of Blackfin eyewear can be one of a kind. The fact that the temples can adapt to any face, plus laser personalisation options and the superb range of ever-evolving colours exalt the uniqueness of the product and of the people who choose it.

Uniqueness stands for many things.
For example, it stands for the manufacturing of temples that perfectly adapt to each individual face, or to carry out absolutely unparalleled laser surface treatments or even to produce frames that redefine the concept of lightness and strength.

Uniqueness, however, also means much more.
It means to respect a precise working process subdivided into 53 steps and to number each product in order to demonstrate that no frame is identical to another.  So when we use the term uniqueness, then we know exactly what we’re talking about.

Unique Design.

The Blackfin design embodies the style of those who are always on the forefront, giving them a contemporary and cutting-edge image. The Blackfin frames enhance the personality of the wearer through combinations of colours, shades and laser engravings that produce unique aesthetic effects and permit to stand out.

A Blackfin frame starts life as a concept that becomes a sketch and finally a prototype. There are many steps on the way to this transformation - technical tests, colour matching, constant adjustments, backed by a wealth of knowledge. At the end of all this, what we have in our hands is sheer perfection, impeccable style and design. This is our reward for all that effort.