Faced with a slab of titanium most people just see the metal, but we can glimpse the soul of our eyewear. This is why we buy our raw titanium in Japan from certified producers who can guarantee us the purest and most perfect titanium. This may seem a strange choice, but if you want to create the best titanium frames, there can be no compromise on quality.

No one knows Titanium better than we do and nobody processes it better than us. Since the beginning we perfectly shape this extraordinary non-toxic and non-allergenic material: we use the best tools to shape it, we know all the deepest secrets to enhance it and we how to take advantage of each feature.

That is why the temples which must be flexible, are made of Beta Titanium, while the fronts are obtained from a solid block of Pure Titanium. And that is the reason why we are able to find the perfect balance between technical ability and artistic vocation in each pair of glasses. So if you caress a Blackfin frame, you are touching a concentrate of art, technology and design.

Titanium is the heart around which we build our products. It is a truly special material with unique features, suitable for the realization of optical frames. A frame made of titanium is 48% lighter than a similar one made of the more common nickel/silver. The high mechanic performance, together with the lightness, make titanium the material with the best mechanical strength/weight ratio.

Titanium is as resistant as steel, but 40% lighter, it’s 60% heavier than aluminium, but with double resistance. Pure titanium and Beta Titanium are characteristically totally biocompatible, non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials.

The characteristics and the properties of this material have favoured its use, right from its discovery, in fields that require excellent physical performance. The main fields are the following ones: Aeronautics, Space, Military, Medical, Sports.