Lightness and Comfort


The extreme lightness of the Blackfin frames becomes for our customers an essential standard for their quality of life. A concentrate of technology, volume and design from 2,4 grams only.


Each pair of glasses is designed and manufactured with great precision, in order to guarantee an ergonomically excellent design and to maximize the peculiarities of titanium. The Blackfin frames are made from an extremely thin sheet of Beta Titanium which permits an unmistakable comfort deriving from the flexibility and the adaptability of the frames to the face.


To define the shape of a pair of glasses implies the knowledge of many technical and aesthetic aspects in harmony with each other.
Only a great experience permits to obtain an efficient quality product, capable of fully satisfying the customer expectations.


Each frame must be able to adapt to the characteristics of a face, in order to ensure a maximum of comfort for the entire day.