Blackfin Razor

Blackfin Razor

All the mechanical features of a Blackfin frame: even thinner, even lighter

A frame in pure Blackfin titanium represents the state of the art in terms of lightness and technicality, imagine all this even thinner, even lighter. Razor is our idea of going further.

1mm of Titanium

Designer frames have never been so light. All of the frames in the Razor collection are made of 1mm-thin titanium. For a clean, elegant, minimalistic, almost Zen design. In a word, Razor.

Custom micromechanical processes

Frames crafted using micromechanical processes custom-engineered for each style in the RAZOR collection. No one thought Blackfin One processes could be applied to Razor. Thanks to 30+ years of experience with titanium, we replicated every micromechanical process, even the most complicated ones, on all the styles in the collection.

Function and design,
the one-piece hinge

Our one-piece hinge is a sculpted rectangular cube, rounded on two sides. We decided to polish this design element to underscore its functionality, even from an aesthetic standpoint.

Bridge with
retro-inspired curve

As with all Blackfin frames, the details make the difference, because the difference is not a detail. The bridge design is very retro, with a curve that lends a 3-D quality to the frame, accentuating its characteristic light weight and, at the same time, its strength.

Thinner than ever,
lighter than ever

State-of-the-art applied technology, elevated by our expert technicians to inconceivable heights. A lighter Blackfin just didn’t seem possible. But, we did it.