The Black Shelter Sustainable Factory | The new video

4 April 2023

A dream come true. To stay in the exact same place where you were born. And grow up there, transcend boundaries and become the gold standard company for titanium eyewear.

In 2021, Blackfin launched Black Shelter, its headquarters set among the Dolomite Mountains, where it makes all of its products, from beginning to end. A sustainable factory with a modern design, in harmony with its surroundings, the first in the Veneto Region to obtain CasaClima Work & Life certification. A headquarters that narrates the essence of this brand, the Neomadeinitaly. A vast, light-filled space, designed to welcome those who work there.

Blocks of titanium enter here, and exit as eyewear, on their way to every corner of the globe. In between, a world, the world of Blackfin. Narrated today in this new video.

TAGS: Neomadeinitaly, Corporate