Blackfin Pacific


Crafted from a Solid Block of Titanium.
The Classics. Reinvented.

Pacific Feel

The purity and solidity of Titanium
redesign the great classics.

Blackfin Pacific blends the uncluttered elegance of retro Japanese lines with a more-refined Californian style. The essential shapes are reinterpreted, making room for a more modern, contemporary aesthetic. Ultrathin titanium temples design clean, minimalist frames. Soft in their details, yet capable of accentuating the refined and sophisticated spirit of this series.

Monolithic Design

The ideal blend of innovation,
aesthetics and technology.

Created by our Research & Development division, Blackfin Pacific overcomes the technical limitations of processing titanium. Our technicians skillfully derive the entire front from a single 3mm block of titanium, eliminating unnecessary welds. Other micro-components are integrated into the monolithic front, adding continuity to the frame’s aesthetic.

Innovative Comfort

Extreme adaptability for all features.

Each individual is unique, that's why we engineered every frame component to perfectly adapt to any face. The only welded elements are the nose pad arms, which are made with ultra-flexible titanium to ensure extreme adaptability even for Asian fit and extraordinary adhesion to the face, along with the silicone nose pads. Equipped with our patented Swordfish temple tips, these ultra-flexible temples can be quickly and easily adjusted in length to ensure perfect wearability for everyone.

Complex Simplicity

The art of making minimal
what is complex.

Translating the complexity of Titanium into softness of shapes is an intricate process. It took more than 50 years of experience to attain extreme functionality in Blackfin Pacific frames. With dedication and creativity, generations of men and women have refined their skills, transforming each phase of the production process into a Made-in-Italy masterpiece. Learning to connect soft curves and thin lines in titanium to create eyewear with simple, pure minimalism.

Soft Colors

The elegance of classic colors
illuminates every curve.

In Blackfin Pacific, color is also a key feature. In this collection, the different finishes are designed to enhance its more classic and rational character, without overtones. Polished and matte effects alternate with enamels and antiqued treatments to highlight the craftsmanship excellence of our coloring methods. A process carried out by hand, in our sustainable headquarters in Italy, using only natural tints.

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Flexibility and Lightness

The incredible feeling of
not even wearing them.

Each Blackfin frame is unique thanks to its incomparable lightness and flexibility. The Titanium used for our frames is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, it weighs 40% less than steel but has equal strength. Due to the continuous quest for perfection and the the use of the latest technologies, our technicians are able to process titanium so thin as to make each frame nearly weightless on the face. At the end of the day, you will be wondering if you still are wearing them.

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Unmatched Biocompatibility

Comfort and wellbeing never
seen or worn before.

Just like all Blackfin Collections, the Pacific Serie is attentive to aesthetics and also mindful of the skin. Unlike regular metal eyewear, the Titanium of our frames causes no allergies or irritations. In addition to being naturally non-toxic and biocompatible, it contains no nickel residues nor any other heavy metal. These characteristics ensure exceptional comfort and wellbeing, without any compromise.

Strength beyond Belief

Unbreakable and timeless
Titanium eyewear

Given our ability to process block Titanium, in Blackfin we have elevated its impressive strength, creating a product line that withstand impacts and stress. Blackfin Pacific sees Titanium's extraordinary strength go beyond all expectations thanks to its billet components and the absence of welds that have allowed us to create an indestructible product. Because, in the end, what is not welded, cannot be broken.

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