Blackfin One

Blackfin's origins,
made from a Single Sheet of pure Titanium.

The One

Shaping titanium to form
the Essence of Blackfin

Blackfin One embodies authentic originality. It is the first entirely-Made-in-Italy titanium collection in the history of eyewear and the first to re-write the style rules of this material, marrying aesthetic research and hand-crafted innovation. Blackfin One is a point of departure and, for us, it is the origin of everything. Since the beginning, it has known how to coalesce more than 30 years of expertise in working with titanium into the crafting of an identity. And, thanks to its unique spirit and astonishing colors, it has shaped the very essence of Blackfin.

Solid Design

When essentiality and freedom of shapes come together.

This series is a free and fluid interpretation of titanium. The unique experimental design of Blackfin One is etched onto a single sheet from which arise unexpected ongoing patterns, capable of reinterpreting different shapes and structures, never seen before. As if sculpted by the hand of an artist, Blackfin One frames generate an interplay of unmistakable lines, creating a perfect harmony.

Variety of Shapes

Many styles for an impeccable fit

Blackfin One is an adept interpreter of different personalities and tastes. With its wide range of shapes, it adapts to different facial structures and ensures the perfect fit without ever compromising functionality or comfort. So many styles, countless of colors: from the most classic to the most creative, from the most minimal to the most eccentric, everyone can find their own perfect pair. Regardless of the choice, the Blackfin One experience is synonymous with unmistakable excellence.

Bold colors

A new form of art

Our chromatich skills reach their peak in Blackfin One. The hand-painting technique is elevated to the max, offering an array of colors carefully studied in our lab to maximize the design of the eyewear and outline the character of the wearer. Combinations of polished and matte surfaces, contrasting colors and nuanced juxtapositions. Each frame lends the face a new light.

Flexibility and Lightness

The unexpected feeling on your face

Each Blackfin One is unique, because unparelleled elasticity and lightness. The temples are made of ultra-flexible titanium for absolute comfort. While maintaining the same strength as steel, titanium weighs 40% less. At the end of the day, you will feel like you never even put them on.For real.

Unrivaled Biocompatibility

Comfort and wellbeing
never seen before

Like all Blackfin products, the Blackfin One series is attentive to aesthetics and also mindful of the skin. Unlike other metals, the titanium used to make our eyewear does not cause allergies or irritation. In addition to being naturally non-toxic and biocompatible, It has no trace of nickel or other heavy metals - not even during processing: wellbeing and health never stoop to compromise.

Strength beyond Belief

Titanium eyewear,
indestructible and timeless

Our ability to process blocks of titanium has allowed us to amplify its already impressive strength, creating products that can withstand stress and impacts. In Blackfin One, this extraordinary solidity exceeds all expectations. Since the front is shaped from a single titanium sheet, we can eliminate almost all the welds, making the frame extremely resilient and long-lasting. Because what is not welded cannot break.