Blackfin Atlantic

Design in its purest form,
integrated mechanical in its most extreme expression.

Atlantic Mood

A new concept, a new challenge, a new style

Blackfin Atlantic expands its gaze to the Anglo-Saxon world and East Coast, USA, without renouncing its own personality. The minimalist aesthetic is even more marked, while the 3 mm thickness of the titanium front adds character to a series that reveals the incomparable Blackfin spirit in every detail.

Design at its purest

To really see a pair of Blackfin Atlantic is to glide one’s gaze along uncluttered lines. We poured all of our expertise into a total redesign of the frame’s mechanical parts in order to achieve absolute, minimalist refinement.

Mechanical Engineering incorporated

Blackfin Atlantic takes the technical advances it has evolved to date to a whole new level. The rim lock and hinge are, in fact, incorporated right into the 3 mm titanium front, merging precision mechanics with nimble design. A one-of-a-kind frame that encapsulates sophisticated mechanisms in a minimalist structure – the embodiment of intricate simplicity.

Super comfort

Super high-tech eyewear must also be super-comfortable. The new nose pad arm mount allows for easier, omni-directional adjustments for precision fitting to any nose. And, to ensure perfect adhesion and outsmart the critical aspects of silicone, the nose pad is covered with ultra-soft medical-grade PVC.

Unbelievable Flexibility

Every face is different, yet the adaptability of a Blackfin Atlantic remains a constant. The temples are cut from a sheet of beta titanium five-tenths of a millimeter thick, making them unbelievably flexible. The patented Swordfish temple tip conveys a sense of never-before-experienced comfort, because the temple length can be quickly adjusted to suit the contours of the face.

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Material of the Future

Titanium is the core material that shapes our eyewear. The fronts are cut from a single block of titanium – a hypoallergenic and non-toxic material that weighs 40% less than, yet is just as strong as, steel. With this manufacturing technique, welding is reduced to a minimum, ensuring unparalleled strength and preventing breaks or distortion.

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Distinctive Colors

Color has always been a distinctive feature of Blackfin and this series is no exception. Manual artistic dexterity makes never-before-seen colors and breathtaking hues possible. Innovative technical skills allow us to capitalize on the physical deposition of metal vapors through Nano-Plating™ to craft finishes with a polished effect and make each style even more exquisite.

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