The Black Shelter
Sustainable Factory


Its name is Black Shelter, and it is our new headquarters.
An environmentally focused workplace, built with a focus on those who work in it.
More than anything, it is neomadeinitaly expressed as architecture.

Black Shelter

A sustainability-conscious structure mindful of the Blackfin philosophy.

Blackfin has always inhabited a unique setting, nestled between centuries-old forests and the magnificent Dolomites: the mountain in its purest form. The new headquarters was designed to blend seamlessly into such a landscape while, at the same time, honoring our philosophy. The exterior lines are those of a monolith, set into the surrounding landscape ‒ which, between shadows and reflections, changes throughout the day ‒ while its slender lines call to mind the Alpine peaks. Above all, every interior space was designed for the comfort of those who work inside. This is Black Shelter, neomadeinitaly expressed as architecture.

Green building

A building that reflects concern for nature and the future of the planet.

Black Shelter is the product of extremely innovative ideas, combined with environmental awareness. The plastic-free facades are clad in completely recyclable aluminum. Electricity is generated by photovoltaic panels and hydroelectric sources. A biomass power plant contributes responsibly produced energy, recovering heat from the combustion of natural waste materials. The interior spaces are decorated with wood andstone, typically found in our area and symbols of Nature at her most authentic.

Natural beauty

A space so connected to its surroundings that it echoes their shapes.

Yes, we wanted a magnificent building but it also needed to blend harmoniously with the beauty of its setting. Indeed, the vertical lines of the facades echo the majesty of the mountains, while the roof ‒ with its varied angles of slant ‒ evokes the skyline formed by the Dolomites. Even the use of glass is not an end in itself but becomes a mirror upon which the surrounding scenery reflects its colors as the seasons change. The aggregates used in construction were taken directly from a stream that flows about 20 meters from the factory and that is now more deeply embedded in us.

On a human scale

A workplace so pleasant that it earned “CasaClimaWork&Life” certification.

When we began to design our new headquarters, we first thought about those who would inhabit it. This led to comfortable, light-filled rooms, large windows upon which to rest one’s gaze, a room of silence to reconnect with oneself, and a vertical garden. Black Shelter is the first “CasaClimaWork&Life” certified building in the region, thanks to work spaces that ensure employees a high degree of comfort. Worthy recognition, especially of our understanding and interpretation of the workplace.

All in one place

All of our manufacturing takes place inside and every idea was subjected to rigorous logic.

Nothing was left to chance in the design and development of the new building. Every aspect was carefully studied in great detail to optimize the manufacturing process and have control of the entire supply chain. The offices are on the top floor, the shipping department on the ground floor and the manufacturing division in between. This allows us to rapidly cope with any unforeseen event, ensure impeccable service and continue to invest in research and innovation. In a word: quality.

The design

Black Shelter was designed by
Anidride Design.

“We wanted the Black Shelter architecture to provide an experience of light, color and rhythm for those who work here every day. The final shape of the monolith finds its fifth facade in its roof, especially given the location of the structure. The skyline of the roof replicates the silhouette of the surrounding Dolomites with taut lines that dialog with the verticality of the landscape. The design also followed the CasaClimaWork&Life engineering criteria, employing technical solutions in keeping with conscious development and achieving certification for having adhered to the pillars of sustainability: ecology, economy and socio-cultural aspects that correspond to the concepts of nature, transparency and life,” Nicola De Pellegrini and Giovanni Bez.