We work in Italy, but with a process all of our own. So if the “Made in Italy” is a fixed point, we made the “neomadeinitaly” our strong point.

It all starts here.

It all starts with a titanium slab. But not any old titanium, it has to be the purest in the world.

Faced with a slab of titanium most people just see the metal, but we can glimpse the soul of our eyewear. This is why we buy our raw titanium in Japan from certified producers who can guarantee us the purest and most perfect titanium. This may seem a strange choice, but if you want to create the best titanium frames, there can be no compromise on quality.

This is how it's done.

We all work side by side, our sights set on the same targets.

Not only can we say with pride that every frame is 100% conceived and produced in Italy, but we can also add that what makes a Blackfin frame so special is the way it’s made. It’s the creation of all of us working together, in the same place, always ready to discuss things and help and stimulate each other.

The road to the finished product is long, but we are prepared to walk that road, never tiring.

A Blackfin frame starts life as a concept that becomes a sketch and finally a prototype. There are many steps on the way to this transformation - technical tests, colour matching, constant adjustments, backed by a wealth of knowledge. At the end of all this, what we have in our hands is sheer perfection, impeccable style and design. This is our reward for all that effort.

It takes 53 macro-phases to make a Blackfin frame. Others call these production process, but to us they’re rites of passage.

A slab of titanium isn’t transformed into a work of optical art by magic. What it takes is technical skill, expertise and a creative vocation that inspires every stage in this process. Men and women dedicated to making these extraordinary frames take shape, frames that defy all convention.

Every piece of Blackfin eyewear can become unique, just like the person who wears it

Just as no two people are the same, each Blackfin frame can be one of a kind. The temples that can be adapted to every face, laser personalisation and an ever changing range of colours all proclaim the uniqueness of the product and of the person who chooses it.

It all happens here.

If you live in a very special place, nothing you do will be ordinary.

Just imagine glancing up from what you’re doing, you look through the window and there are the Dolomites in all their glory, the archetypal mountain landscape. This is the stunning backdrop to our work. Even though we seek out the latest international trends for our eyewear, we will never lose touch with our roots. That would mean betraying ourselves and our concept of what Made-in-Italy really means.

Our most beautiful source of inspiration is the beauty that surrounds us.

The fragrance of ancient woodlands, the silence of the snow broken only by the murmur of mountain streams, the mountains that change colour with every season. It is only to be expected that such a magical environment influences what we do. If you are accustomed to a certain quality of life, you won’t accept mediocrity. So, it’s not just about exceptional titanium eyewear, but about caring for the people who make it and the environment in which they work. This is why we don’t stop at Made in Italy, but go the extra mile with neomadeinitaly.

From our ideas and our hands.

This is an all-Italian story, one of the last of its kind.

There are plenty of Italian companies, but only a very few still make their products entirely in Italy. We started up in 1971 in Agordo and we’re still here today, just as we will be tomorrow. We will never allow our products to be made overseas, by someone we don’t even know. We want them to be made by people we meet every day, people who share our passion, who know the value of a job well done and who we can thank in person, face to face.

While others may shift their workshops to far off lands, we have all we need right here.