Blackfin Luminar Polarized

The first polarized ultralight
lenses in the world with the
optical quality of the glass and
the Luminar Ultra-HDR colors.

Blackfin Luminar

Blackfin Luminar technology propels lenses into a new era, achieving a new degree of perfection

Blackfin Luminar are more than merely exceptional lenses, they are the best on the market. Years of research and testing have led the way to a revolutionary product. Never before have sunglass lenses been created combining the visual sharpness of glass with extreme lightness of weight. Blackfin Luminar technology has made all this possible.

Extreme lightness of weight

Luminar are the world’s lightest lenses, the ideal match for Blackfin super-lightweight frames

Once upon a time the choice was between sunglasses that were heavy but provided excellent vision and lightweight sunglasses with poor quality lenses. At last this is no longer the case in that Blackfin Luminar lenses deliver unequalled optical quality while being even lighter than normal plastic, ideal for Blackfin eyewear. After all, when two perfect exemplars meet,they are bound to get on.

Zero distortion

Blackfin Luminar lenses eliminate any form of distortion and visual discomfort

Blackfin Luminar is a highly evolved lens construction technology. The slim-line polarising filter is produced along with the lens itself without using such additional low-quality films and adhesives as polycarbonate. This innovative choice cancels the risk of lens distortion or deformation, making Blackfin Luminar lenses beat any other product on the market.

Polarized Perfection

See the World Anew

Step into a vision unparalleled with our state-of-the-art polarized lenses. Every glare, every unwanted reflection, meticulously neutralized to ensure your eyes experience minimal fatigue and maximum comfort. Paired with Blackfin's Ultra-HDR technology, witness contrasts so stark they redefine reality. Whether you're navigating city streets or admiring a sunset, the world becomes clearer, colors more vibrant, and details crisper. It's not just enhanced vision, it's a doorway to seeing a world anew.

Ultra-HDR: Amplified Vision

A New Dimension of Color and Contrast

Discover Ultra-HDR: a breakthrough in lens innovation that transforms your vision. This unique technology expertly filters and refines light, enhancing the colors and contrasts that your eyes perceive. The result? A visual experience where every hue is more vivid, and every contrast sharper, bringing the world around you to life with exceptional clarity. Dive into a visual experience where colors are amplified like never before.

Purified Light

Shielding Against Invisible Dangers

Luminar is your shield against the invisible. Ultraviolet rays, while invisible, pose threats like cataracts, macular degeneration, and photokeratitis. But with our perfectly engineered lenses, these harmful rays are effectively blocked, offering your eyes unparalleled safety. Coupled with our premium polarization that eliminates intrusive reflections, eye fatigue is significantly reduced. Enter a world where light is purified, and your health is safeguarded.

Impact resistance test

Luminar lenses have passed the world’s most demanding and rigorous impact resistance test

All lenses on the market are required merely to pass the ordinary Drop Ball Test. However, Luminar lenses have passed the tests for the ANSI Z87.1 standard, the most restrictive accident prevention certification for resistance to high-speed moving objects. This places them high above the safety standards for glass, CR39 and polycarbonate lenses whose poorer quality has much lower impact resistance.

Cleanest Surface

Luminar, where every surface tells a story of innovation. Our lenses go beyond mere vision, boasting state-of-the-art oleophobic and hydrophobic treatments. The result is a lens that resists smudges and repels water, ensuring an extraordinary viewing experience every time. Raindrops slide off, fingerprints fade away, and your world remains clear and untouched. Beyond Vision, experience seamless clarity.

Biocompatibility and Sustainability:

The Vision of Neomadeinitaly

Blackfin Luminar, a harmonious blend of innovation and biocompatibility. Our titanium products not only stand as icons of design but also champions of health, ensuring skin-friendly contact and pure vision. Every component, consciously sourced and handcrafted in Italy, echoes our unwavering commitment to environmental and social sustainability. Beyond an optical masterpiece, it's a statement of well-being and responsibility. This is what we call Neomadeinitaly.