Blackfin One | New Fall-Winter 2022 collection

11 October 2022

Style, uncluttered design and new hues of color take center stage in the Blackfin One optical collection for the Fall-Winter 22-23 season. Elegant shapes interplay with bi-level thicknesses, accentuating brilliant colors or softer gradients, while shining the spotlight on the technical skills of artisan production that take place entirely within the Black Shelter, our iconic building, set like a gem among Italy’s Dolomite Mountains.

Both Green Hill, a unisex panto, and Ellis Beach, with its slightly elongated cat-eye top rim reveal timeless shapes. Audacious thicknesses and bi-layers light up with new colors – like mint green, lilac or shades of blue from sky to turquoise.

Contrasting gradient colorways and metallics lend importance to the fronts of two more slender styles: Crystal Cove, with rims slightly flattened in the lower part, and the hexagonal Dana Point. Here, too, the blue/pink, purple/lilac or light blue/blue pairings play up the silhouettes of the frames.

The concept of color – common thread throughout the entire collection, in its gradient and contrasting interpretations – is alive and well in Westhampton and Swan Point. The former, a square men’s frame, glows with hints of orange, red and green; the latter, an elongated oval, is a classic shape upgraded with an array of lilacs, reds, pinks, lavenders and greens.

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