Blackfin Airstream Clients

Enter the Blackfin world today, it just takes a minute.
With this app.

Blackfin Airstream Client is the special app exclusively for our optical customers.
We have designed it to improve the way of working and selling our products.

  • You can keep everything in sightView the catalogue, manage your orders, and watch our multimedia output at any time and quickly.
  • Discover the true value of neomadeinitalyGet to the very heart of the Blackfin work ethic that targets excellence, cares for people, with strong bonds to our homeland.
  • Explore the Blackfin storyIt lets you get across to your own customers how quality can't be improvised but grows out of long experience.

Download the App here

Make sure you connect from your tablet

N.B. The app is available for an iPad or Android tablet but NOT for smartphones